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One of my best friends is Donny, known since school and remained friends after he married Jens in 1975. Donny did not know, but I took last summer was Jens Donny was in the hospital with a hernia and when my wife Lin went to visit his people Jens asked me to take her to a party. I agreed, provided they wore stockings, skirt, showing population tops and high heels. She called me shameless, but he said he would and when I called by to pick it up was a sort of kilt, black stockings and purple set 4 inches from heel Swade. I look like a large hard drive, for a lady of 60 who do not half good, great figure, nice tits, nice legs and ankles. I fucked her at the party then back to her place where she said she was fucking with her boss, a man half his age. She is his PA in petiteteenager a medical research projects that were always important and conferences around the world in places like Tokyo and Sydney, where she fuck like rabbits and head. I do not blameThey also told me that she and Donny had'nt fucked in months, as they went on another trip to Cape Town this time I felt sorry for Donny backwards, went to the local All Bar and attract birds. We have not even the two old men pull the bar all night looking for young boys. So we went to my house where Donny told me I could look at some porn DVDs. It was almost midnight when we returned to the house in the dark so I guess I was asleep Lin. I took a bit of Jack Daniels and ice, and we should wathcing porn - ITU and not me, petiteteenager that long before I had my dick out, Donny succeed, straw from us. I was about to fall on his head to say goodbye and Donny cock in the mouth when the door opened and Lin. She was petiteteenager in her red wrist and immediately has a great deal about us straws, but before he could say anything, she leaned forward and not what I wanted and took the cock in her mouth Donny. I'm gobsmackeded and Donny took one look told him that the top petiteteenager go for it. He laughed, and petiteteenager when Lin worked his cock in and out of his mouth masturbated me harder and harder, until I thought I wanted to finish then it did, then she opens her mouth Lin, Lin goes crazy trying both sucking his cum as possible, then got up and gave me a kiss, a drop of sperm Donny ball in the mouth. Then she makes her ass on my dick, I thought I was going to shoot, but stopped as he walked up and down, pulled his wrist, Donny and I sucked her nipples. Five minutes maximum and I shot my lot in Lin and pulling out my milk running down his leg, Donny took his hand and pushed a couple of fingers inside her wet pussy, sliding it hard to masturbate him as big and hard , let me walk Donny tail and went upstairs. I heard petiteteenager them moaning and screaming for about 15 minutes and then a great cry of him when he shot his load in Lin. A few minutes later I heard him shouting his farewell orp the stairs and left. Well, I thought my old petiteteenager partner Lin, at least you know your boss Jens received in Cape Town have been fucking shit !
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